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Enterprise canteen

High level of modern gastronomy, “home-made“ style of cooking, attractive design of the canteen, as quick as in the fast food and finally, top clean areas, these are the triumphs of a new canteen situated in the building of Enterprise Office Centre in Prague 4 – Pankrác.

Team of the chef offers a selection of various 17 dishes and rich salad buffet from 11.00 to 15.30. Czech eating habits are changing, dishes are becoming lighter and there are various vegetarian dishes as well. We use only fresh ingredients, the menu is created on the particular day and, last but not least, we use either recipes of slow cooking or still not frequently used sous-vide (vacuum cooking). Everything is prepared at the site, including home-made pasta.

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Opening hours of Enterprise canteen

Monday to Friday 11:00 – 15:30
Pikrtova 1737, Praha 4

Tel: “737 028 105” :tel:737 028 105

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