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When you are opening a new office and look for quick and high-quality refreshments for a short time, cocktails are exactly what you need.

Cocktails as catering events

We consider “Cocktail” to be a short time social event, but still with high quality gastronomy. Taste our carefully prepared canapés in a cold, hot or sweet version. We recommend canapés to be accompanied by tasting small portions of selected dishes.

The overall experience of the event can be enhanced by a high quality sparkling wine or by a guided wine tasting, or we can provide you and your guests with a bartenders show including flaming cocktails, a UV show and delicious cocktails made by our bartenders throughout the evening. For your event we are able to make a cake with a company logo or a company motive.

Would you like a tailor made offer for your event? Do not hesitate and contact us.

Gallery of cocktail events

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