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Black Swan

Černá Labuť, Black Swan, Art & Event Gallery

New, unique, multifunctional gallery premises in the centre of Prague offers architectural and technically sophisticated interior. Černá Labuť is an attractive location for your company events, private events, weddings, gala dinners, banquets, cocktails, barbeque on a terrace, conferences and lots of other social events. Further, Černá Labuť is a perfect place for various exhibitions and presentations of significant artists.

Černá Labuť for rent

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History of Černá Labuť

At the site of the current modern building, there used to be a small house with a butcher’s and a restaurant on the first floor. In the 1930s it was rented by Jewish Community and they established here a kosher canteen and a theatre hall for Jewish cabaret. After the putsch in 1948 the restaurant was still operating for some time but after it was nationalized and the owner of the building, Karel Jeřábek, was arrested and sent to the concentration camp for a period of eighteen months. The house was neglected since then. As the restaurant did not have any profits, it was closed down. Rooms on the ground floor and later also on the first floor were used by E. F. Burian’s Theatre as offices and workshops. There were thoughts about entire reconstruction and about pulling the building down but there were no money for that. In fact only the street wing was in use as the back part of the building was prohibited to enter for wrecking reasons. After the revolution the neglected house was returned to the Jeřábeks family and continuously, they sold it to the present owners.

Administrative building and bookshop

The house grew in a nine floor administrative building entitled Černá labuť (Black Swan). On the ground floor there is a famous bookshop. On the eighth floor there are multicultural premises, as part of this art space – Café, Café gallery and Café theatre -, is a café with an overlooking terrace.

Café gallery: In 1999 there was established a gallery, which was a foundation stone of this space. It holds mostly the exhibitions of Czech and Slovakian artists. Café theatre: In the field of theatre it focuses on quality chamber work – production, performances, concerts and other alternatives, since 2002. This art space over Prague was created by a world-known architect Eva Jiřičná.

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