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We are ready to prepare a tailor made receptions for you, either in your chosen spaces or you can choose from our interesting suggestions.

Reception as a catering event

Reception, as the most common form of catering, makes is possible for us to showcase the art of our chefs and creativity of services. Our offers to you are designed to be creative, delicious and interesting. The service includes tasting portions, that are cooked, prepared and portioned in front of the guests. Our chefs are very creative and are not afraid to experiment.

Receptions are adjusted to each individual space. 100% catering. Take advantage of Prague catering services, contact us please.

Additional catering services

The overall experience of the event can be enhanced by a high quality wine or a guided wine tasting, or we can arrange a bartenders show including flaming cocktails, a UV show. Delicious cocktails prepared by our bartenders can amuse your guests throughout the evening. We arrange also offer for casino programme, live music, technical equipment etc.

Would you like a tailor made offer for your event? Do not hesitate and contact us.

Gallery of catering events – receptions

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