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Payment for companies

If you want to give your employees some advantages on board, Futurama Canteen offers the following options.


Payment of an invoice for the total spending by individual chip cards or according to a single card.

Example: The person responsible will invite more people to the canteen and on the basis of price-based categories can be issued one invoice.

Credit payment

Inserting credit to the individual accounts of employees. Specified amount of money to be allocated to individual employees on a chosen period. Amounts are fixed by contract. Based on the contract at the beginning of the taxable period is always invoice – prepayment for dining of employees. The employee can then use any credit.
If credit runs out, he or she may pay cash or with meal vouchers or credit recharge at our cash desks.

Subsidized payment

Possibility of percentage contribution to designated food with payment in the form of deduction from employees’ wages. The employer determines at which meals will be provided subsidy and in what amount. An employee draws meals and meals intended draws the employer’s contribution. The difference between contribution and the price of the meal is deducted from employee wages. Billing occurs after the end of the taxable period based on real collected meals. In this case, the written agreement for the catering services is conctracted.

Contact for setting corporate payments

For more information and settings of corporate payments for dining of your employees please contact Mr Jan Kantor at tel. +420 608 148 739 or e-mail:

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