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Ledeburske garden, Palace garden

The representative areas of the Palace gardens below Prague Castle are an exquisite venue for all sorts of cultural and social events: concerts, parties, weddings, press conferences, banquets, cocktail parties, fashion shows.

Ledeburske / Palace gardens catering and events

The entire complex is made up of five interconnected gardens in an area of 7.710 m2. These gardens – Ledeburské, Small Palffy, Great Palffy, Kolowrat and Small Fürstenberg – arose independently and at different times. Each of them has a different concept and a specific character.

Individual gardens are interconnected with each other at several levels and the whole area is equipped with comfortable wooden benches. The gardens have also installed lighting for night operations, which emphasizes their beauty and creates an intimate environment with a unique atmosphere.

The garden area includes a representative gallery, which is part of the Ledeburského palace.

The main area for events is the Ledeburske garden. It covers an area of 880 m2. Roughly half of the surface consists of a grassy field. There are also in-ground holders, which are placed in individual seats (max. 256). Paved walkways around the grassy areas allow placement of tables with catering.
p<>. The terraces of the Ledeburské gardens can also be used for catering, and they offer great views of the historic center of Prague. The total capacity of the Ledeburské gardens while maintaining adequate freedom of movement is about 400 people.

The three-Sala Terrena (the area of 95 m2) was designed and built primarily for concerts. It therefore has excellent acoustics and even a small chamber ensemble sounds perfect.

The Ledeburske gardens can be used as part of the whole complex of gardens. While leaving enough space for a catering base, the capacity is increased to 1,500 guests.

Another interesting part of the area in terms of events is the Great Palffy Garden. The overall character of the Great Palffy Garden is relatively austere, but more dignified to sublime. It has no indoor space (which can be solved according to the position of tent shelters) tuand it is forbidden to enter the grassy area. Especially suited for smaller companies and could also, within the larger event, serve as a discrete space eg. For VIP.

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Ledeburska gardens history

Ledeburská garden is Prague’s historic garden, located in the Lesser district Prague 1. It is named after Earl Adolf from Ledebour. He acquired the adjacent Palace in 1852. The palace itself was founded in 1601, the garden was founded in 1665 by Jan Vaclav z Kolowrat.

The lowest terrace garden is a decorative Salla pavilion. Opposite her is placed a richly articulated wall with a divergent staircase, whose left wing leads to the upper garden terrace. In the middle stands a statue of Hercules fighting with Kerberos. The water in it was originally brought up from the fountain at Prague Castle. Symmetrical ranked terraces connects the staircase. At the top of the main axis of the garden is an open five-sided pavilion that dominates.

The garden gradually fell into disrepair. The reconstruction of the garden began in 1990. Along with Little Palffy Garden, it was opened to the public in 1995.

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