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Municipal House in Prague

The National Historic Landmark, Municipal House is one of the most important Art Nouveau buildings in Prague. Located in the heart of Prague, next to the Powder Tower. From the very beginning, the Municipal House has been a multifunctional building. The halls and lounges are used for congresses, conferences, concerts, balls, fashion shows. The general public are accessible only through guided tours.

Prague Catering in the Municipal House offers unmatched and original catering services. For receptions, banquets, cocktail parties, corporate and private party or gala dinners, we can exclusively hire the Municipal House.

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Municipal House of Prague | Bedrich Smetana HallMunicipal House PragueMunicipal House Prague | Bedrich Smetana HallMunicipal House Prague | Bedrich Smetana HallMunicipal House Prague | Palacky HallMunicipal House Prague | Greger Hall

Municipal House and a bit of history

Municipal House (the original name of Representative House of Prague) is one of the most famous Art Nouveau buildings in Prague, and is located on Republic Square, next to the Powder Tower. It serves primarily ceremonial purposes.

The residence of Czech kings stood on the site of the present Municipal House. This complex was built around 1380 and served as the seat of the rulers in the years 1383-1484. Apart from the palace and the houses included for courtiers there was a spa and garden. After Vaclav IV. his brother Sigmund, his son-in-Albrecht II. Habsburg, Ladislav the Posthumous, George of Poděbrady and Vladislav Jagiello all lived here. The Municipal House is actually the beginning of the so-called. Royal route, the processionary journey of Czech kings. The area was later used for various purposes, but in the years 1902 – 1903, all buildings in the area including a church was demolished.

The Municipal House is important in the history of Czechoslovak statehood. On October 28, 1918 Czechoslovakia was declared independent and in 1989 the first meeting of the Communist government with the Civic Forum, led by Vaclav Havel happened here. The house underwent extensive renovations in 1994-1997.

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