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Black Swan – Art & Event Galery

New, unique, multifunctional gallery space in the center of Prague offers architectural and technically sophisticated interior. Black Swan is an attractive location for your corporate events, private rauts, weddings, gala dinners, receptions, cocktail parties, barbecue on the terrace, conferences and many other events. Black Swan also offers perfect facilities for exhibitions and presentations by leading artists.

Every summer Tuesday Black Swan open to the public

Summer Tuesdays are devoted to you, such as an open day. Come and see the newly renovated spaces Black Swans. On the terrace, we serve grilled dishes, so you can combine the tour with lunch or dinner.

Black Swan – renting space

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Black Swan photo gallery

History of Black Swan

On the site of today’s modern buildings originally stood a small house, which housed a butcher shop and restaurant on the first floor. In the 30s of the 20th century, it leased the Jewish community and established a kosher dining hall and a theater, where the Jewish cabaret was performed. After the coup in 1948, on the 1st floor briefly operated a restaurant, but then it was nationalized and the building owner Karel Jerabek was arrested and for eighteen months sent to a forced labor camp. The house has since dilapidated. Because the restaurant was not profitable it was closed. The rooms on the ground floor and first floor later gained by Theatre EF Burian for his office and production workshop. Alternately be considered for a thorough renovation, which, however, the theater did not have money for, or even to demolish the house. Practically used was only the street wing and to the rear of the building was the entry due to emergency reasons forbidden. After the revolution, the ramshackle house back in restitution family Jerabkovi and they sold it to the present owners.

Office building and the bookstore

The house became a nine-ofice building called Black Swan. On the ground floor is a well-known bookstores and on the eighth floor was a multicultural area, part of the artistic environment that offers – Cafe, Cafe Gallery and Cafe Teatro – is a cafe with panoramic terrace.

Cafe Gallery: In 1999 founded the gallery, which is the cornerstone of this space. Organizes exhibitions mainly Czech and Slovak artists from all art disciplines. Cafe Theatre: The theater area is mainly focused on high-quality chamber music – productions, performances, concerts and other artistic alternatives. These are implemented since 2002. The artistic space with a view over Prague created for this purpose, a world-renowned architect Eva Jiricna.

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