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Bobsleigh restaurant Prague

The restaurant at the bobsleigh track at Prosek, which is a part of the bobsleigh area, is located just minutes from the busy city center, but is surrounded by greenery and tranquillity. Between Máchalka vineyard and the adjacent forest, your friends, family, colleagues or clients can not only enjoy fresh food, but also views of the city and a bobsleigh track.

Summer garden

In the summer garden, which is an integral part of the restaurant, you can enjoy all your senses. Traditional grilling over charcoal, which is an integral part of the restaurant on the bobsleigh track. Directly in front of you, on the outdoor grill, our experienced chefs grill several kinds of meat, served with delicious sauces, fresh vegetables and vegetarian delights. The outdoor seating in the summer garden protects you in the case of rain, or hot sunshine. The garden has an expandable awning over its entire surface.

Summer terrace

The restaurant also features a summer terrace overlooking the city. From the summer terrace you can also watch people on the bobsleigh, extreme sports enthusiasts on the rope slide and climbing center. Since spring 2009, we offer your favorite drinks and cocktails in the new summer bar, located directly on the terrace. There is a children’s playhouse with a slide is on the summer terrace for our youngest visitors.

The bobsleigh restaurant is ideal for business meetings, company presentations, meetings with partners, teambuilding and other events associated with good corporate and private enjoyment. The resort has the only bobsleigh track in Prague and also a playground, rope center, children’s corner, Wifi internet access for visitors free of charge. The restaurant, in conjunction with the bobsled, organizes events for children and adults.

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