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Wedding cakes

Prague Catering offers wedding cakes in almost 20 designs. All wedding cakes, mini desserts and wedding pies are made either according to our offers or according to your individual requirements. Our large number of possible wedding cakes offers an almost endless combination of options. It is entirely up to you, which wedding cake you will finally decide for. Besides our offer of wedding cakes we also offer corporate occasion cakes with a motif of your company.

For detailed information on wedding cakes, possible ingredients and shapes, contact our Baker Master Chef Mrs Lenka Inemannová tel. +420 604 792 362 or e-mail:*

If you have not chosen a restaurant for your wedding reception or for the after party, we exclusively offer restaurant facilities at the Bobsleigh Restaurant or Art & Event Gallery Černá Labuť. Other possible locations where we provide complete catering for your wedding you can find in the Locations section of the site.

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